How are Penetrating Agent classified? How many categories can it be divided into?

Penetrating Agent are a class of chemicals that help substances that need to be permeated penetrate into substances that need to be permeated. Manufacturers in metal processing, industrial cleaning and other industries must have used Penetrating Agent, which have the advantages of being easily soluble in water, excellent permeability, and easy to wash away various oil stains.
Penetrant with this product has good adhesion, strong permeability of the liquid material, drying fast, wear resistance, and has good chemical resistance and water resistance. It also has excellent dispersion, rewetting ability, easy to dissolve in water, acid, alkali, chlorine, heat, hard water, metal salt resistance, etc., which can be applied to the production and processing process of processing manufacturers. In addition, its scope of application is also relatively wide, in the industrial cleaning industry can be used as penetrant; Used as industrial cleaning, metal processing, metal cleaning agent, chemical cleaning, industrial detergent, cleaning supplies, low-bubble carpet water, beer bottle cleaning agent and other fields.
Penetrating Agent of all kinds, we produce Penetrating Agent there are more than a dozen, there are many fields involved, we are talking about today is the textile industry used in Penetrating Agent, and its classification method.

1. Classification by application process
Penetrant for pre-treatment (including: penetrant for desizing, boiling, bleaching, mercerizing, wool carbonizing, etc.), dyeing penetrant, printing penetrant, finishing penetrant, etc.

2.according to the application of pH range classification
Strong alkaline penetrant resistance, weak alkaline penetrant resistance, near neutral penetrant, weak acid penetrant resistance, strong acid penetrant resistance.

3. Classification by ionic type
Non-ionic Penetrating Agent, anionic Penetrating Agent, compound Penetrating Agent, etc., rarely use amphoteric and cationic Penetrating Agent.

4. Classification by raw material variety
Sulfated castor oil, sodium alkyl sulfonate, sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate, sodium alkyl sulfate, sodium secondary alkyl sulfonate Sodium secondary alkyl sulfate, sodium a monoalkyl sulfonate, sodium alkyl naphthalenesulfonate, sodium succinate alkyl ester sulfonate, Yigafu T, sodium sulfamate, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether, polyether, phosphate compounds, alcohol compounds, ketones, ethers, etc.

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