• Organic Silicon Defoamer

    Organic Silicon Defoamer

    1. The defoamer is composed of polysiloxane, modified polysiloxane, silicone  resin, white carbon black, dispersing agent and stabilizer, etc. 2. At low concentrations, it can maintain good elimination bubble suppression effect. 3. Foam suppression performance is prominent 4. Easily dispersed in water 5. The compatibility of low and foaming medium

  • Polyether Defoamer

    Polyether Defoamer

    There are mainly two types of polyether defoamer.

    QT-XPJ-102 is a new modified polyether defoamer,
    developed for the problem of microbial foam in water treatment.

    QT-XPJ-101 is a polyether emulsion defoamer,
    synthesized by a special process.

  • Mineral Oil-Based Defoamer

    Mineral Oil-Based Defoamer

    This product is a mineral oil-based defoamer, which can be used in dynamic defoaming, antifoaming and long-lasting.

  • High-Carbon Alcohol Defoamer

    High-Carbon Alcohol Defoamer

    This is a new generation of high-carbon alcohol product, suitable for the foam produced by white water in the process of paper-making.