Microorganisms you can’t see are becoming a new force in sewage treatment

Water is a non-renewable resource and an essential resource for the sustainable development of society. With the development of urbanization and the advancement of industrialization, more and more pollutants that are difficult to remove enter the natural environment, causing damage to the environment and ultimately affecting human health.

After long-term practice, it has been proved that traditional sewage treatment methods have been difficult to meet the removal needs of existing pollutants. Therefore, research and development of new and effective treatment technologies are the main tasks at present.

Microbial immobilization technology has attracted the attention of many scholars at home and abroad due to its advantages such as good pollutant control effect, high enrichment rate of dominant bacteria, high microbial activity, strong anti-environmental interference ability, and low economic cost, and reusability. With the development of technology, microorganisms that can "eat pollution" have been widely used in the field of sewage treatment.

Sewage treatment, microbial "black technology" is widely expected Sewage treatment, microbial "black technology" is widely expected

Black and odorous water bodies, industrial sewage, and domestic sewage flow freely... But as long as different microorganisms are put in the water bodies, a pool of stagnant water will quickly "live" and form a balanced ecosystem again.

From then on, decomposers, producers, and consumers begin to work together; pollutants in sewage also become food for "others", and a food chain is formed, forming a crisscrossing food chain. network ecosystem.

In this system, the organic pollutants in the water are not only degraded and purified by bacteria and fungi, but the final products of their degradation, using solar energy as the initial energy, participate in the metabolic process in the food web, and finally transform into aquatic crops, fish, shrimp, Life products such as mussels, geese, and ducks maintain the comprehensive ecological balance of the water body through circulation, and the sewage becomes clear... This is not a beautiful vision, but a real scene.


Water pollution, usually refers to the deterioration of water quality caused by man-made reasons, reducing the use-value of water, the main pollutants are solid waste and aerobic organic matter,refractory organic matter, heavy metals, plant nutrients, acids, alkalis, and petroleum substances and other chemicals substance.


At present, traditional sewage treatment technologies mainly include physical methods such as gravity sedimentation, coagulation clarification, buoyancy floating, centrifugal force separation, magnetic separation, and other physical methods to separate insoluble pollutants, and acid-base neutralization method, chemical precipitation method, oxidation method Reduction, chemical, and physical disinfection of pollutants chemical conversion technology. In addition, the physical and chemical separation technology of dissolved pollutants by using the adsorption method, ion exchange method, membrane separation method, evaporation method, freezing method, etc., also have corresponding applications.

However, among these traditional methods, the physical method usually occupies a large area, has high capital construction costs, high operating costs, large energy consumption, complicated management, and is prone to sludge bulking. The equipment cannot meet the requirements of high efficiency and low consumption, and the effect of single-use is not obvious; Chemical methods have high operating costs, consume a large number of chemical reagents, and are prone to secondary pollution. In most cases, the combined use of physical and chemical methods has obvious disadvantages.

How to make the urban and rural sewage treatment process develop in a sustainable direction such as low energy consumption, high efficiency, less residual sludge, the most convenient operation, and management, the realization of phosphorus recovery and treated water reuse, and the technology used must be low-energy On the premise of consumption and less resource loss, microbial technology meets the above requirements.

The dominant bacteria(https://www.cleanwat.com/bacteria-agent/) species for microbial immobilization are also different according to the different substrates in the polluted water. Yixing Cleanwater Chemicals Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of targeted strains, mainly including Aerobic Bacteria Agent, Anaerobic Bacteria Agent, Halotolerant Bacteria, Phosphorus Bacteria Agent, Nitrifying Bacteria Agent, Denitrifying Bacteria Agent, Deodorizing Agent, Ammonia Degrading Bacteria, COD Degradation Bacteria, BAF@ Waterpurification Agent, Multi-Functional Pesticide Degrading Bacteria Agent, Oil Removal Bacteria Agent, Chemical Sewage Degrading Bacteria Agent, Splitting Bacteria, Low-Temperature Resistant Bacteria, Fast Effective Bacteria, and Sludge Degradation Bacteria, etc. These Bacteria are widely used in all kinds of wastewater biochemical systems, aquaculture projects, and so on.

In industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, and sewage produced by fossil combustion, heavy metals are the most striking "culprits". When heavy metals enter the human body, they will cause serious harm to the human body. Microbial(https://www.cleanwat.com/bacteria-agent/) immobilization technology to remove heavy metal ions in water is also a research hotspot in recent years. The biofilm method, which has been widely used in the industry, is a method of removing dissolved organic pollutants in wastewater by using the biofilm formed by the microorganisms attached to the surface of the solid support. In addition to the treatment of water pollution, microorganisms have achieved remarkable results in the treatment of heavy metals, solid waste, and air pollution.

At the end of 2021, the "14th Five-Year" Industrial Green Development Plan issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of my country proposed to strengthen the efficient use of unconventional water such as wastewater, seawater, and reclaimed water in high-water-consuming industries; focus on promoting the deep treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater, and efficient extraction and separation. High-efficiency membrane separation and other process equipment technology.


Microbial immobilization technology has been widely used in the field of sewage treatment due to its advantages of high treatment efficiency, wide application range, and no secondary pollution, and has achieved good treatment results. Wastewater and organic wastewater, etc. provide a broad stage.

In 2021, Our country has launched several policies related to sewage treatment to promote the utilization of sewage resources, increase the annual sewage treatment volume, and increase investment in industrial sewage treatment. At present, with the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the rise of several domestic biological environmental management enterprises, microbial sewage treatment is widely used in construction, agriculture, transportation, energy, petrochemical, environmental protection, urban landscape, medical catering, and other fields.

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Excerpt from Science and Technology Daily

Post time: Jun-23-2022