How To Use Water Treatment Chemicals 2

How To Use Water Treatment Chemicals 3

We now pay more attention to treating waste water when the pollution of environment is getting worse.Water treatment chemicals are auxiliaries which are necessary for sewage water treatment equipment.These chemicals are different in effects and using methods. Here we introduce the using methods on different water treatment chemicals.

I.Polyacrylamide using method:(For industry,textile,municipal sewage and so on)

1.dilute the product as 0.1%-0,3% solution. It’d better to use neutral water without salt when diluting.(Such as tap water)

2.Please note:When diluting the product,please control the flow rate of Automatic dosing machine,to avoid agglomeration,fish-eye situation and blockage in pipelines.

3.Stirring should be over 60 minutes with 200-400 rolls/min.It’s better to control the water temperature as 20-30 ,that will accelerate the dissolution.But please make sure temperature is below 60 .

4.Due to the wide ph range that this product can adapt,the dosage can be 0.1-10 ppm,it can be adjusted according to the water quality.

 How to use polyaluminum chloride: (applicable to industry, printing and dyeing, municipal wastewater, etc.)

   1. Dissolve the solid polyaluminum chloride product with water at a ratio of 1:10, stir it and use.

  2. According to the different turbidity of the raw water ,the optimal dosage can be determined. Generally, when the turbidity of the raw water is 100-500mg/L, the dosage is 10-20kg per thousand tons.

  3. When the turbidity of the raw water is high, the dosage can be appropriately increased; when the turbidity is low, the dosage can be appropriately reduced.

  4. Polyaluminum chloride and polyacrylamide (anionic, cationic, non-ionic) are used together for better results.

Post time: Nov-02-2020