Sludge Degradation Bacteria

Sludge Degradation Bacteria

Sludge Degradation Bacteria is widely used in all kinds of waste water biochemical system, aquaculture projects and so on.

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The product has a good degradation function to the organic matter in the sludge, and the sludge is reduced by utilizing the organic matter in the sludge to reduce the amount of sludge. Due to the strong resistance of the spores to harmful factors in the environment, the sewage treatment system has a high resistance to load shock and a strong treatment capacity. The system can also operate normally when the concentration of the sewage changes greatly, ensuring stable discharge of the effluent.

Application Filed

1. Municipal sewage treatment plant

2. Purification of water quality in aquaculture areas

3. Swimming pool, hot spring pool, aquarium

4. Lake surface water and artificial lake landscape pool


The microbial agent is composed of a bacterium or a cocci which can form spores ,and has strong resistance to external harmful factors. The microbial agent is produced by liquid deep fermentation technology, which has the advantages of reliable process, high purity and high density.


1. pH: The average range is between 5.5 and 8. The fastest growth is at 6.0.

2. Temperature: It grows well at 25-40 °C, and the most suitable temperature is 35 °C.

3. Trace Elements: The proprietary fungus family will require many elements in its growth.

4.  Anti-Toxicity: Can be more effective against chemical toxic substances, including chlorides, cyanides and heavy metals.

Application Method

Liquid Bacteria Agent: 50-100ml/m³

Solid Bacteria Agent: 30-50g/m³

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